Wok Box

Wok Box Manufacturer

Product Specification

Box Size :
4.5 × 2.5 × 3 (Inch)
Is Biodegradable :
Is Food Grade :
Is Customizable :
Quality :
Application :
Noodles Packaging

Why Wok Box?

Wok box, one of the convenient ways of packing your food on the go and responsibly disposing them without causing damage to the nature. These food grade boxes which are manufactured from paper are not only safe for packaging without any spills but is also safe for you and the planet. The paper also defers dust and insects protecting the nutrients and the quality of food. Being light in weight and sturdy in design, these boxes can allow packaging of all food types. Using thick card board paper which is at least 350mm GSM increases the durability of the product.

Out-turn on the nature?

Our boxes are made with paper which is one of the best choices of packaging for any product in this current scenario. Paper being procurable in abundance in the nature makes the product economical and eco-friendly. Not only does the product appeal trendy with a natural touch but can decompose within 6 weeks without any major impact. Easy to store, these boxes have a large shelf life without causing any damage.

Looking for personalization?

No worries. We’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s for your café, a food chain or for a corporate with your company logo, we are open to making custom-made sizes as per our clientele needs. Conditioned to the needs we also design various shapes maintaining the quality and standards of our product. Finding solutions as per the customer requirement is our top most priority.