Plain Mailer Box

Plain White/Brown Mailer Box

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7 × 9 × 4 (Inch)
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Gift Packaging

Plain Single Color Mailer Box

The brand name Half Price Packaging stands for reliability and accountability. All the way up until the point where it is delivered to your door, we assume responsibility for your packing requirements. We provide the most competitive wholesale rates available. Thanks to our technical specialists and quick turnaround. With additional perks like free shipping, printing plates, and die-free die equipment, we provide wholesale discounts on large orders. With our quickest turnaround, we provide standard shipping within 8–10 days with free delivery. Plain White or Brown Mailer Boxes are strong and easy to use; they are also sent flat, making it easier and handier to store your packing supplies. One of the most environmentally friendly methods of packaging and shipping is die-cut corrugated mailer boxes. This packaging solution is very customizable and has a wide range of applications, including containers, e-commerce shipping, textiles and apparel, candles, fragrances, and cutlery and crockery. These boxes may be sent to many locations without causing damage to the goods because of their stability and solid structure.

SIMPLE MAILER BOXES by DPS Packaging Printing

The best recyclable mailing boxes for delivering your products covertly or adding your own branding to your recyclable packing are no print mailer boxes. Every non-printed mailer box is composed of at least 70% recycled corrugated cardboard, and it is entirely recyclable. Overall, it would be challenging to find a more environmentally friendly packaging option than these corrugated boxes. Overall, it would be challenging to find a more environmentally friendly packaging option than these corrugated boxes.


Sizes range from small to extra-large for DPS's cardboard packaging with no print. Large cardboard boxes can safely transport and hold larger products during transportation. For shipping bigger items, use a cardboard box with a maximum height and width of 20 cm and 50 cm, respectively.

It is also possible to get little cardboard boxes without any printing. They are useful for transporting items like candles, mugs, tiny devices, and apparel accessories. Both large and small cardboard boxes are available for purchase in quantities as little as 500/1000 pieces. From the package editor, select the quantity of corrugated boxes. When you run out of stock, just click to reorder.


Corrugated, recycled cardboard is used to make mailer boxes without printing. This form of recyclable packaging is designed especially for the safe delivery of e-commerce goods or as a component of a retail store's branding. At least 70% of the corrugated cardboard manufactured by DPS is recycled. You may decrease your carbon footprint and support the environmental concerns of your company by using recyclable shipping boxes. In our selection, it is one of the greatest environmentally friendly packaging options.