Multi Color Printed Mailer Box

Multi Color Printed Mailer Boxes

Product Specification

Box Size :
5 × 8 × 4 (Inch)
Is Biodegradable :
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Application :
Gift Packaging

Stylish Multicolor Mailboxes Manufacturer in Chennai

Are you searching for the best shipping packing available? Purchase Full Color Mailer Boxes from DPS to package your items in high-quality corrugated materials with gorgeously vibrant colors. Both traditional retail brands and e-commerce companies will find it ideal. They are quick and simple to put together and are available in a variety of sizes, some of which are large enough to accommodate large letters and small parcels as defined by the Royal Mail.

Mailer Boxes In Full Color Made Of Corrugated Cardboard

Single walled corrugated cardboard with a minimum of 70% recycled content is used to create Full Color Mailer Boxes. Three thinner layers of paperboard are stacked to create the corrugated walls. Your cardboard mailbox will be given additional protection during delivery as a result of this technique.

Premium Printed Packaging by DPS

Sturdy cardboard boxes called Full Colour Mailer Boxes have intricate digital prints on them. Designs are vivid and extremely detailed when printed digitally. Prints on coated cardboard are elegant and go well with fashionable items. Additionally, a glossy sheen or a matte texture can be used to complete your box. Your goods has a more premium feel thanks to this foil lamination. Glossy foil provides your packaging design a more vibrant, saturated appearance, while matte foil produces a smooth, elegant touch. An exciting unpacking experience is made possible by these vibrant print and finishing options.

Shipping Boxes With Custom Design by DPS

The robustness of DPS's printed boxes maintains the integrity of your product throughout transportation. The extra flaps and additional layer of paper give your box more resilience while preventing dirt and dust from getting inside. In order to create a memorable experience tied to your brand, your product delivery is essential. At your customer's workplace or doorstep, a vibrant, colorful package materializes. Finding the ideal custom box size for your goods is simple with more than 15 distinct sizes to choose from.