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Corrugated Mailer Box

Single Colour Brown Carton Box
Plain White/Brown Mailer Box
Single Colour White Carton Box
Printed White/Brown Mailer Box
Brown Shipping Box
Brown Shipping Box
Double Sided Printed Mailer Box
Double Sided Printed Mailer Box
Allover Print White Mailer Box
Sleeved Mailer Box
Multicolor Print White Mailer Box
Multicolor Printed Mailer Box

Product Specification

Box Size :
4 × 9 × 12 (Inch)
Is Biodegradable :
Shape :
Is Customizable :
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Custom Corrugated Mailer Box

If you are a new business looking to get your products out to discerning customers or social media influencer, the packaging matters as much as the product. Slap your logo and brand collaterals on our fully customizable corrugated mailer box to create a unique, distinctive product that won’t require any wrapping paper to beautify it further.

What is Corrugated Mailer Box?

Over time, with the growing pace of any industry, the packaging industry has also been upgrading itself with new innovations and materials for the best economic and safe ways of packaging items. Corrugated Mailer Box is one such product that is made of durable corrugated sheets which makes it lightweight, sustainable and economic. These boxes are easy to assemble and can be customized as per the client requirement to make an impact with their brand details. An added advantage to these boxes is that it requires no pinning or additional tape to secure the style and it can be shipped directly to the customer. It’s as easy and fold and flap for quick assemble which saves time.

Single colour brown carton box

For the best economical and stylish product, one can choose the single-colour brown carton box. With monochrome printing, the design options are limited yet give the classical touch for the brand with the logo printed on the top lid.

White colour brown carton box

For a product that delivers elegance along with a class, one can choose the white-colour brown carton box. This mailer box is perfect if you need a monochrome printing of your logo on the top lid to make it look aesthetically simple.

Multi colour brown carton box

For the brand that’s loud and has quite a lot of information to be shared as branding, this is the perfect match. These boxes can be printed all over with any number of colours to make them look innovative with the design. The customization options for these boxes are endless.